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Yamna culture-Kernosivskyy idol

Yamna culture-Kernosivskyy idol - a stone statue of the era of copper a day, III thousand. BC (3000 bce) Found in 1973 in the village. Kernosivka Novomoskovsk rayon.Ukraine (steppe culture)
Unique rock found in 1973 in Kernosivtsi already in heaps in the trench digging silage. The Museum of the discovery are reported when the silo was buried on the storage silo. After a long dispute Kernosivskyy idol was dated the end of the third - the beginning of the second millennium BC ...nashyi (Eneolithic), and finally, scientists have determined that this statue was intended for religious purposes. Once idol stood on one of the mounds over the River Orel. Leaving idol in the territory of the then SSR - would leave the Hermitage - achieved Vatchenko Agrafena Fedosiyivna.
Stored in Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum.

A 2015 genome wide study of 94 ancient skeletons from Europe and Russia concluded that Yamnaya autosomal characteristics are very close to the Corded Ware culture people with an estimated a 73% ancestral contribution from the Yamnaya DNA in the DNA of Corded Ware skeletons from Germany. The same study estimated a 40–54% ancestral contribution of the Yamnaya in the DNA of modern Central & Northern Europeans, and a 20–32% contribution in modern Southern Europeans, excluding Sardinians (7.1% or less) and to a lesser extent Sicilians (11.6% or less)


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